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Women Empowerment


Flamingo Cultural Center recognizes that the empowerment of our women is a vital element for the sustainable development of Roatan.

Through workshops of English for adults, as well as productive workshops in cutting and tailoring, and beauty, hundreds of women learn labor skills to create their own business.



Our English classes are aimed at our adults regaining their native language, English, which will allow them to find a better paid employment in the labor market of local tourism.

Our adult English classes are taught by volunteer teachers and have a minimum cost to the local population. Flamingo Cultural Center has developed a methodological theoretical English class – practical program, which is backed by teachers of the English language in the United States.

English classes are divided into three main modules: Basic, intermediate and advanced English. All classes include audio-visual material related to the local working context of a sustainable tourism industry.



The objective of our sewing classes is to empower the women on Roatan through training in Haute Couture, so they can learn to design and create clothing for ladies and men, linens, as well as curtains and decorative items for sale locally, nationally and internationally.

Through these classes, hundreds of women create their own business, improve their finances and strengthen their self-esteem.

Flamingo Cultural Center has 7 sewing machines for the implementation of the classes, which were donated by the Mentz Foundation. The sewing classes are taught by expert teachers in high Couture, who are certified as instructors for the classes.

Sewing classes also include entrepreneurship workshops for the generation of small businesses, which are taught by professors from the local Institute in technical training and professional experts in entrepreneurship volunteers.

The sewing classes are free and also provide students with the course material.

Women who successfully complete the modules and are certified as technicians in dressmaking, through Flamingo Cultural Center, are committed to be voluntary instructors for 6 months to teach other women the art of sewing and fashion design.


Our beauty workshops have as an objective, the recovery of the identity of our women, as well as training in entrepreneurship for the creation of small businesses in the beauty industry, that will allow women to improve their financial status and strengthen their self-esteem.

The hairstyles of Afro-Caribbean and Garifuna women share the same characteristics of complexity, braided hair, as well as cuts and natural treatments.

Our goal is that women feel comfortable with the beauty of their race and maintain and create new hairstyles and cuts, without hurting their hair or imitating other cultural trends that threaten their own racial beauty.