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Who We Are

The Flamingo Cultural Center is an institution committed to the social and cultural development of the Garífuna community for the practice of sustainable tourism on the island of Roatán in Honduras.

The Garífuna population on the Caribbean coast of Central America in Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras is made up of communities of African, Caribbean and Arawak origin, with a population of more than 600,000.

The official language of the Garífunas is Garifuna and their unique cultural identity differentiates them from the mestizo (Maya – Spanish) population of these countries. The preservation of their lifestyle, cultural identity and local ecosystem is of paramount importance to generate a social and sustainable development in the Bay Islands of Honduras, where the paradisiac island of Roatán is found.

Our strategic approach to local development focuses on three programmatic axes:


Through artistic, gastronomic and educational activities, we are able to get Garifuna adults, young people and children to value, promote and preserve their cultural identity in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way on the island.


The Flamingo Cultural Center implements ecotourism and adventure activities for the international, regional and national visitor who vacactions on the island in order to generate sustainable tourism that protects the local ecosystem.


In addition, the Flamingo Cultural Center strengthens the social development of the Garífuna population through English workshops and productive projects to reinforce the education and job training of the residents of Roatán, whose economy depends on tourism.