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Our Staff

Flamingo Cultural Center is formed by a group of professionals and volunteers on Roatan, who are committed to the protection and conversation of the cultural identity and the local ecosystem.

Audrey Flores, Executive Director

Audrey Flores, along with her sister, Nora, dropped everything they had in their hometown of Brooklyn, New York and moved to Roatan in 2011. What started out as just a short term trip with the mission to find a manager, turned into a life long journey of self-discovery. Audrey’s Bachelor’s degree from Baruch College definitely prepared her for her current role, but it did not prepare her for the roller coaster ride of a journey that led up to this point. Her passion for empowering others and preserving the Garifuna culture deepened with every year that passed since her city to island transition, and now it has become part of her life purpose as she spearheads the center. On her spare time Audrey enjoys reading motivational books and dancing.

Mauricio Flores, Founder

Mauricio Flores is a Garifuna man from Punta Gorda, Roatan and is a proud father of nine children (5 with his current wife, Zeda Flores). He is a community elder and leader, similar to his late mom, Mariana Garcia, who was the leader of the Garifuna folk dance group, Chata. Mauricio moved to the United States in the 1980’s but the love he has for his community never changed. Mr. Flores visited his hometown every year and having children did not change that, it just became a family tradition. Now, in his retired years, Mauricio spends more time on the island and has become an active member of the Punta Gorda community. Having recently joined the Punta Gorda Artisan Fishing Organization, as the Vice President, Mauricio intends on sharing his wisdom and cultural knowledge with today’s generation.

He will make you feel like you’re time traveling while listening to his childhood stories and adolescent adventures. At the center, he is our voice of wisdom and advisor.

Nora Flores, Assistant Director

Nora is the Flores sister who sparked the sudden move to Roatan in 2011; she has a go getter personality and is not afraid to dream big. Nora says that moving to Roatan was an ancestral calling that she just couldn’t ignore. Her journey to discovering more about her Garifuna roots started when she and Audrey became the escorts for their little sister Lisa, to her Miss Garifuna Pageant practices in 2010. After the pageant, they flew to Roatan for the annual Garifuna Settlement Day Festival in April 2011. One of Nora’s undeniable skills is in the kitchen. Her love for cooking developed when she was searching for an alternative to her health issues. Nora ended up healing herself by changing her diet and ever since then, she has been creating delicious food for the soul. On her spare time, Nora enjoys trying new recipes, reading and going to the movies.



Lizeth Leiva, Receptionist                                                       

 Lizeth is an ambitious mother of two beautiful children, Jaleny and Jahkeem. She is also our lovely receptionist who always welcomes our guests with a big smile. Lizeth is very proud to be a Garifuna woman and represents her culture with pride; she often gives the staff informal Garifuna language lessons. On her spare time, Lizeth likes to do arts and crafts with her children and go for long walks on the beach. Her presence at the center is one that brings a great balance of peace, love and of course, organization.


Mr. Alfred, Historian / English Teacher

Mr. Alfred is like the grandfather of so many Punta Gorda children. Originally from Guatemala, Alfred moved to Roatan 16 years ago and has been calling it home ever since. We are so proud to have a person like him on our team, vibrant, kind, passionate, loving and welcoming to everyone. Alfred descends from a bloodline of teachers and historians and he inherited both characteristics. One conversation with him can take you from the 1200’s to the 2000’s and back. He is the English teacher for our English classes and the Historian who entertains our guests. On his spare time Mr. Alfred likes to tend to his yard that features crops of all kind, including, coconut, plantains and healing herbs. On a random day, you can also catch him putting his chemist skills to use by making soaps, perfumes or lotions. Mr. Alfred is a multi talented individual who loves to share his knowledge with others; anyone who is able to meet him will instantly fall in love with his warm personality.