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Garifuna Settlement Day | Punta Gorda, Roatan

April 12 is known in Honduras as Garifuna Settlement Day and it is celebrated in many Honduran Garifuna communities every year. The beautiful community of Punta Gorda, Roatan is the first Garifuna settlement in Central America. This is why every year there is a big festival to celebrate our arrival to Roatan on April 12, 1797.

If you are planning to visit Punta Gorda on the 12th here is what you can expect to find:


Photo Credit: DG Creations



Dancing to the beat of the drum is contagious. As a Garifuna woman, the sound of drumming ignites a fire inside of me that makes my feet move and my hips sway. You have to try dancing to our drumming at least one time in your life and April 12 is the day to it.











Through dance and music we tell our story. Some of our folkdance resemble our African bloodline while others resemble our Arawak Indian blood line. Either way, it makes for a mesmerizing experience.


Photo Credit: DG Creations


Want to know how we make certain foods or what struggles Garifuna people went through? Some presentations will demonstrate this through dramatic reenactments.







What keeps me going back  to my parents home is the aroma that escapes the kitchen and takes over the entire house while mom is cooking, talk about food for the soul! If you want to taste the different flavors of Garifuna food this is the day to try it. You will also find some island favorites such as coconut rice ‘n’ beans and FRESH fried fish. You might want to fast the day before if you want to enjoy all of the delicious foods.





Photo Credits: Alden Melendez Photography

Haven’t gotten a chance to buy a souvenir for your friends and family? You will definitely find some interesting trinkets to buy.

What Should I bring?

Small change – There are no ATM’s or large banks on the East End so business owners tend to run out of change quickly. Instead of getting upset because someone took you L.500 bill to look for change, just be prepared and bring some smaller bills.

Water – The festival is an outdoor activity and it is HOT around this time of year so drink up folks!

Sunscreen – Outdoors, along the beach, no shade, yeah you might want to protect your skin.

Mosquito repellent – The outdoors and mosquitoes go hand in hand. If you’re allergic to mosquito bites, come prepared with your repellent.

Swimsuit – The water in Punta Gorda is so enticing to jump in, you might want to take a swim to cool off so don’t forget your swimsuits. FYI there are no fresh water pipes to rinse off the salt water.

Comfortable shoes – For many people, April 12 is their first visit to Punta Gorda and they might want to explore the community. If this is you, make sure you are not in high heels ladies because you will regret it.

How do I get to Punta Gorda?

Wondering how to get to Punta Gorda, click here for a detailed explanation of different options that you have. Flamingo Cultural Center will be open on the 12th if you have any questions about the festivities, our history or just want a place to sit and enjoy a refreshing drink.

FYI: There is bumper to bumper traffic every April 12. Therefore, if you are able to car pool, please do it and avoid adding to the congestion.


’17 – ’18 Winter English Class Completed!

Last Friday was our final day of English class for children. Students who attend public school in Honduras are on a Feb-Nov school year calendar. That is why we decided to schedule a 6 week course during their wint er break. In total we had 15 children register, ranging form ages 7-14 years old. I (Audrey) was the teacher for this session. As the director of the cultural center, it was important for me to know first-hand if the curriculum that we used was effective. Taking on this task allowed me to go through the motions that a permanent teacher would go through. As a result, it gave me a better idea about how to modify the program to fit the needs of the children in our community.


During this session, we incorporated games and art to teach certain lessons. Because of the wide age range, some modifications had to be made. By doing this, the younger children felt less overwhelmed and the older children felt challenged.








All of the children shared a common interest of learning English for the purpose of being better prepared for the workforce.

One of the defining moments for me during this session was a mediation session that I had with two students. In the end, they stopped bickering in and out of class. It is defining moments such as these that motivate me to continue with programs such as our English class. With the obvious lack of child friendly activities throughout the island, it as an honor for Flamingo Cultural Center to be a safe haven for children.

Thank You

We’d like to send a huge thank you to the Roatan Children’s Fund. They have been supporters of the center since the start of our social programs. Because of their generous donation, we were able to sponsor 8 of our English class students! They also donated lots and lots of books last year and we gave away some of those books to the students as a gift for completing the course. If you would like to support a non profit organization that serves the children of Roatan you can send an email to lynn@roatanchildrensfund.com.

Mom & daughter sorting through books

We would also like to thank Susie Ebanks of the Roatan Scholarship Fund. Susie is continuously helping her fellow islanders, she sponsored two of our students and donated book bags and school supplies to put in their gift bags. If you would like to support Susie and her humanitarian efforts, you can do so through the Roatan Scholarship Fund. On the 10th of February she will be hosting the first annual Carnival Masquerade Ball  to benefit the  Roatan Scholarship Fund for underprivileged, academically deserving  native island young girls and women.

Some students receiving gift bags, just in time for the new school year

Special thank you to our visitors who not only come to find out more about our culture but who also come to support our humanitarian efforts. Our visitors have donated school supplies, arts & crafts, games, clothes and book bags to the center. We used some of those items to put inside of their gift bags. If you would like to support the social programs at Flamingo Cultural Center or would like help executing a social project of your own in Roatan please email audrey@flamingoculturalcenter.com.

Cousins happy with their gift bags

Our students are practicing their English in the videos below!


Amara La Negra: The Afro-Latina who is breaking racial barriers in the music industry

“a little bit more Beyoncé, a little less Macy Gray”

Amara La Negra is a Miami born Dominican reggaeton and pop singer. She’s been in the entertainment business since the tender age of four but until recently has gotten alot of buzz around her name. Amara is a star on the reality show, Love & Hip Hop Miami. On the first episode that aired earlier this week, she had a confrontation with Latino music producer, Young Hollywood. In the very disturbing scene, he was recorded saying demeaning statements such as Amara should be “a little bit more Beyoncé, a little less Macy Gray.” Amara handled the situation like the seasoned souljette that she is, before walking out of the room.

Amara’s confrontation is the epitome of the struggle that so many Afro Latinos and indigenous people deal with every day in Latin American countries. Her strong will and determination to break racial barriers in the industry is admirable. In Honduras, specifically, when you watch t.v. you can’t help but to notice that 90% of the time, you won’t find a black person. The local news, novelas, game shows, popular events, and more are full of white faces. You have to wonder about the psychological effects that this has on the youth who are growing up in front of the t.v.

” Not all Latinas look like J-Lo or Sophia Vergara or Shakira. So, where are the women that look like myself”

As a cultural center that is getting more involved in social programs that promote empowerment and education amongst our people, the buzz around Amara is groundbreaking for us. It means that the world is waking up to this issue that has been swept under the rug for too long. It’s hard to be something that you have never seen before. This is why poverty is so easily expanded generation after generation. Children will do what they see their parents, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles do. By the time they become adults, the idea of being rich, successful or famous is so far-fetched that they don’t even try to accomplish their goals and the ones who try are easily discouraged.

But what if…..

What if you see someone who looks like you, who comes from where you come from, who eats the same foods that you eat, make it? Now it no longer is impossible because there is living proof that someone who is just like you made it. Amara said a very powerful statement during that confrontation, “Not all Latinas look like J-Lo or Sophia Vergara or Shakira. So, where are the women that look like myself?” That is precisely why a child needs to see someone who looks like him/her on screen. Because it plants a seed of hope in their subconscious mind; a seed that if cared for and nourished, can grow into the adult who will break the chains of poverty, despair or hopelessness in their family.

Amara La Negra, like so many other Afro-Latino stars is breaking barriers and whether you’re Garifuna, Afro-Latino, mestizo or mulatto, let her struggle be confirmation for you that going after your dreams no matter what, is exactly what you need to be doing. The battles that you have and will continue to come across just means that you are on the right track, for to whom much is given, much is required.

Below is a video that shows Amara’s confrontation with the music producer Young Hollywood

Watch This Afro-Latina Defend Her Culture

Amara La Negra from Love and Hip Hop Miami is turning heads and breaking barries for Afro-Latinas. But her success comes with a fight — watch her defend her culture against senseless #colorism.

Posted by All Def Nation on Thursday, January 4, 2018


Los Niños Reciben Regalos por la Excelencia Académica

25 de noviembre de 2017

Tuvimos un fin de semana memorable con algunos de los niños de primaria de Punta Gorda. Marcial González, de la Bay Island Missions Foundation, nos contó sobre algunas donaciones de juguetes que quería darles a los niños. Nos pidió que lo organizáramos, así que decidimos premiar a los niños que tuvieron un buen rendimiento escolar el pasado año escolar (el año escolar hondureño va de febrero a noviembre).


Tan pronto como la directora, Audrey Flores obtuvo el visto bueno de Marcial, llamó a una de las maestras de la escuela, Tilde Bonifacio, para ayudar a reunir los nombres de los estudiantes con buenas calificaciones. Juntos, con Tilde, hicieron llamadas telefónicas a cada una de las madres, invitándolas al centro a recibir los regalos.

Proceso de selección

Para Flamingo Cultural Center, la educación está en la parte superior de nuestra lista de prioridades, por lo que recompensar a los niños con la excelencia académica fue una “obviedad”. Otro grupo de personas que apreciamos en nuestros corazones son las madres solteras. Ser madre es un trabajo difícil, pero hacerlo solo y asegurarse de que a su hijo le vaya bien en la escuela es aún más un desafío. Es por eso que elegimos específicamente a los hijos de madres solteras.

Que sigue

Llegaron más niños de lo esperado ese día y pudimos darles algunos obsequios a varios de ellos, pero no tuvimos suficiente para todos. El año que viene nos gustaría premiar a todos los niños que logran la excelencia académica como un incentivo para inspirar a más niños a trabajar duro. No podemos hacer eso sin tu ayuda. Si desea ayudarnos a que esto suceda, contáctenos enviando un correo electrónico a audrey@flamingoculturalcenter.com.

Children Get Rewarded for Academic Excellence

November 27, 2017

We had an eventful weekend with some of the primary school children from Punta Gorda. Marcial Gonzalez of the Bay Island Missions Foundation reached out to us about some toy donations that he wanted to give to the children. He asked us to organize it so we decided to reward the children who did well in school this past school year (the Honduran school year goes from February to November).








As soon as director, Audrey Flores received the “ok” from Marcial, she called one of the school teachers, Tilde Bonifacio, to assist in gathering the names of students with good grades. Together, with Tilde, they made phone calls to each of the mothers, inviting them to the center to receive the gifts.

Selection Process

For Flamingo Cultural Center, education is at the top of our priority list, so to reward the children with academic excellence was a “no-brainer.” Another group of people who we hold dear to our hearts are single mothers. Being a mom is a tough job but doing it by yourself and making sure your child does well in school is even more of a challenge. This is why we specifically chose the children of single mothers.

What’s Next

More children arrived that day than expected and we were able to give several of them some gifts, but we didn’t have enough for everyone. Next year we would like to reward all of the children who achieve academic excellence as an incentive to inspire more kids to work hard. We can’t do that without your help. If you would like to help us to make this happen please contact us by sending an email to audrey@flamingoculturalcenter.com.

Women’s Health Day @ FCC

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, we co-hosted Women’s Health Day with the dynamic group of Roatan Peer Health Exchange (RPHE). RPHE is an organization that was created to spread awareness of the necessity of contraceptive and family planning to the men, women and children of Roatan. Its peer health curriculum emphasizes a rights-based approach to reproductive health care promotion and provision, empowering participants to make free, informed and voluntary decisions about their reproductive health and behavior. RPHE has a very unique and innovative way of getting their point across that is appealing to the general public. Most of the workshops have a walk through design with interactive games and participation.

This was RPHE’s third Women’s Health Day event and we are so honored to have been a part of it. Although it was a rainy day with lots of wind, we still had women attend. They learned about the different methods of birth control and the possible side effects. There was also a demonstration about how to use a female condom, which is an uncommon contraceptive here on the island. The women left learning more about the various options of birth control that are now available and best of all, they were able to leave with one form of birth control for free.

Overall it was a successful event and the goal to spread awareness and clarify any myths about birth control was accomplished. We are looking forward to working with Roatan Peer Health Exchange in the future for an even larger Women’s Health Day event. Special thank you to co-directors, Trudy Hilton and Daniela Brisset; without your hard work and dedication we wouldn’t have been able to pull this off ladies. Thank you for spreading awesomeness on this beautiful rock we call home! For more information on how you can help support RPHE, please click here.

At Flamingo Cultural Center we are always willing to be the boots on the ground for charities who would like to extend their giving to the Roatan public. If you or your organization would like us to assist you in executing your donation in Roatan, please email audrey@flamingoculturalcenter.com

CCF Actualización De Un Año

Hace un año, anunciamos la transición de un bar y restaurante a un centro cultural. Desde entonces hemos pasado tanto. A veces parecía como si esta fuera la decisión equivocada, pero nuestros antepasados ​​y el universo dejaron en claro que este es el camino a seguir. Nuestro viaje no comenzó hace un año, en retrospectiva, me doy cuenta de que nuestro viaje comenzó en 2008, mucho antes de que se nos ocurriera pensar en vivir en Roatán.

En el último año, hemos conocido a tantas personas que apoyan esta idea, nos hemos asociado con individuos y organizaciones en la isla y hemos conocido a más personas en nuestra comunidad. Se han sembrado muchas semillas y esperamos ver cómo se cosechan estos esfuerzos. Ahora más que nunca nuestra misión se ha convertido en un deseo ardiente y esa llama se ha vuelto imparable. Esto es más profundo que hacer que los turistas visiten o obtengan más “likes” en Facebook. Conservar nuestras raíces garífunas y potenciar a nuestra gente es la tarea que nos ha dado el más alto y no nos detendremos hasta que esto suceda. Incluso cuando suceda, continuaremos. Este video está dedicado a nuestro finado amigo y ex compañero de equipo, Pablo Cacho. Usted entendió nuestra visión cuando todos los demás pensaron que estábamos locos, D.E.P

FCC One Year Update

One year ago, we announced our transition from a bar and restaurant to a cultural center. Since then we have gone through so much. At times it seemed as if this was the wrong decision but our ancestors and the universe made it loud and clear that this is the way to go.  Our journey didn’t start one year ago, in retrospect, I realize that our journey started in 2008, way before the thought of living in Roatan came to our minds.

In the past year, we have met so many people who support this idea, we’ve partnered up with individuals and organizations on the island and we’ve gotten to know more people in our community. A lot of seeds have been sown and we are looking forward to witnessing the reaping of these efforts. Now more than ever our mission has converted into a burning desire and that flame has become unstoppable. This runs deeper than getting tourists to visit or getting more likes on Facebook. To preserve our Garifuna roots and to empower our people is the assignment that the most high has given us and we won’t stop until this comes to pass.  Even when it comes to pass, we will continue. This video is dedicated to our late friend and former teammate, Pablo Cacho. You understood our vision when everyone else thought we were crazy, R.I.P.


Gracias! Roatan Children’s Fund

La semana pasada recibimos una generosa donación de ropa de niña del Roatan Children’s Fund. Era hermoso, suavemente usado y ropa nueva para las niñas en el rango de edad de 6 a 16 años de edad. Fue una selección perfecta para nuestro clima cálido en Roatan, incluso había trajes de baño. Además, para los más pequeños que no podían usar a la ropa, la caja incluía algunos adorables ositos de peluche y muñecas.

Dimos la palabra al público tan pronto como las cajas llegaron y temprano domingo por la mañana, había una línea de madres e hijas esperando para ver lo que podían encontrar. Fue un placer ver las caras felices de las niñas que salieron con algo hermoso para añadir a su armario. Era aún más adorable ver a los bebés con sus osos de peluche.

Nos gustaría agradecer a los voluntarios que ayudaron a organizar la ropa y ayudó a darles el domingo. También queremos darle un agradecimiento especial al Roatan Children’s Fund  por pensar en nuestra comunidad y  enviarnos esas cajas.

El Roatan Children’s Fund es una corporación sin fines de lucro de beneficio público, organizada y operada exclusivamente para fines caritativos. Esta organización busca promover la educación y proporcionar socorro a los niños pobres, angustiados y desfavorecidos que viven en Roatán, Honduras. Si desea apoyar el Roatan Children’s Fund, envíe un correo electrónico a lynn@roatanchildrensfund.com.

En el Centro Cultural Flamingo estamos siempre dispuestos a ser las botas en el terreno para las organizaciones benéficas que quieran extender sus donaciones al público de Roatán. Si usted o su organización desea que le ayudemos en la ejecución de su donación en Roatán, envíe un correo electrónico a Audrey@flamingoculturalcenter.com.

Thank You! Roatan Children’s Fund

Last week we received a generous donation of girl clothes from the Roatan Children’s Fund. It was beautiful, gently used and new clothes for girls in the age range from 6 to 16 years old. It was a perfect selection for our warm weather on Roatan, it even included beautiful swimsuits. Also, for the little ones who couldn’t fit the clothes, the box included some adorable teddy bears and baby dolls.

We got the word out as soon as the boxes arrived and early Sunday morning, there was a line of mothers and daughters waiting to see what they could find.  It was such a pleasure to see the happy faces of the little girls who walked out with something beautiful to add to their wardrobe. It was even more adorable to see the babies with their teddy bears.

We would like to thank the volunteers who helped organize the clothes and assisted in giving them out on Sunday. We would also like to give a special thank you to the Roatan Children’s Fund for thinking about our community and going out of your way to send us those boxes.

The Roatan Children’s Fund is a public benefit non-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. This organization seeks to advance education and provide relief to poor, distressed, and underprivileged children living in Roatan, Honduras. If you would like to support the Roatan Children’s Fund please email lynn@roatanchildrensfund.com.

At Flamingo Cultural Center we are always willing to be the boots on the ground for charities who would like to extend their giving to the Roatan public. If you or your organization would like us to assist you in executing your donation in Roatan, please email audrey@flamingoculturalcenter.com