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Children Get Rewarded for Academic Excellence

November 27, 2017

We had an eventful weekend with some of the primary school children from Punta Gorda. Marcial Gonzalez of the Bay Island Missions Foundation reached out to us about some toy donations that he wanted to give to the children. He asked us to organize it so we decided to reward the children who did well in school this past school year (the Honduran school year goes from February to November).








As soon as director, Audrey Flores received the “ok” from Marcial, she called one of the school teachers, Tilde Bonifacio, to assist in gathering the names of students with good grades. Together, with Tilde, they made phone calls to each of the mothers, inviting them to the center to receive the gifts.

Selection Process

For Flamingo Cultural Center, education is at the top of our priority list, so to reward the children with academic excellence was a “no-brainer.” Another group of people who we hold dear to our hearts are single mothers. Being a mom is a tough job but doing it by yourself and making sure your child does well in school is even more of a challenge. This is why we specifically chose the children of single mothers.

What’s Next

More children arrived that day than expected and we were able to give several of them some gifts, but we didn’t have enough for everyone. Next year we would like to reward all of the children who achieve academic excellence as an incentive to inspire more kids to work hard. We can’t do that without your help. If you would like to help us to make this happen please contact us by sending an email to audrey@flamingoculturalcenter.com.

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