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Improving Education For Children and Youth in Roatan

The Flamingo Cultural Center in Roatán implements English classes for children with the purpose of acquiring a second language that will allow them to be better prepared for their personal and professional life.

The English classes are aimed at children from the most vulnerable communities on the island of Roatan, whose living conditions do not allow them to cover the costs of a private English language academy.

“The workshops aim to make our children and adolescents learn a second language, just at the ideal age to absorb all the linguistic knowledge of the English language, which will allow them to have a better personal and professional education,” says Audrey Flores, executive director of Flamingo Cultural Center.

The methodology of the class was developed by an expert pedagogue in the teaching of the English language. “The English classes combine audio-visual dynamics, emphasizing the auditory and pronunciation, and then delving more easily into the grammatical structure of the language,” says Mauricio Flores, co-founder of the Flamingo Cultural Center.

The institution has volunteer teachers, both national and foreign, who have received a previous course to know the methodology of teaching English classes, says the director of Flamingo Cultural Center.

The English classes raise the educational quality of primary school children and youngsters in secondary or high school, which will facilitate, when they are adults, find a better job, acquire a university scholarship or integrate into the tourism market in Roatán in a successful way.

Our English classes have a minimum recovery cost and parents can be assured that their children are receiving a quality education. However, to increase the number of students and to acquire more educational and audiovisual material, the Flamingo Cultural Center manages donations with companies, international donors and tourists who visit the island.

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