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Visitor Orchestrates School Supply Drive for Roatan Students

We have the most awesome guests visit the center throughout the week. Even though they are on vacation, they still take the time out to bring us some goodies. In December of last year, one of our guests went all out. Not only did she bring us some school supply donations for our English classes, but she also volunteered to read to the students during her visit. This amazing woman is Kindergarten teacher, mother and wife, Denise DiBiasi Bowers.

Denise had a short visit but it was enough to inspire her to take it a step further. A couple of weeks after visiting Roatan, Denise started a school supply drive for the elementary school children of the Punta Gorda Primary School (Centro de Educacion Basico Jose Santos Guardiola).  Denise got in contact with her school, parents of her students, friends and family to spread the word and it worked. Last week we received the box of wonderful donations and immediately called principal Ligia Andino.

We asked Ligia to coordinate with the teachers so that we could get the school supplies to the students who were most in need. Since the public school students of Honduras are almost two months in the school year and the rush is over, it was easy for teachers to identify the students who really needed the help. We were able to help 72 students and there was also enough left over to donate some school supplies to the teachers.

From all of us here at Flamingo Cultural Center, we’d like to extend lots of hugs and thank you’s to everyone who made a donation for this school supply drive. Special thanks to Denise for simply being a beautiful person, inside and out.

If you are visiting Roatan and would like to volunteer at the center or make a donation please email audrey@flamingoculturalcenter.com.

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