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When God Has His Hands On Your Plans

When we decided to change courses in our business, we didn’t know exactly how things were going to unfold. First, I received a word from the lord, Next, a couple of months later a tragic incident occurred, afterwards, we decided to switch things around, next thing you know, we find out about a project that fits in to our new plans. Talk about divine intervention.

One week after the incident, Marshall  González  of Bay Islands Mission Outreach, an organization that supports socioeconomic aide in the poorest communities of the Bay Islands, visited us to offer his support. I explained our new plans to him and he told me of a project that was designated for our community.

Little did we know….

Two years ago, Roatan Because We Care, an organization that focuses on helping the needy and reaching out into the most remote places of Roatan, worked with The Mentz Foundation to create a sewing project for women.

The Mentz Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission to provide medical supplies, food, clothing and other essential items to underserved communities throughout the world. Members of the foundation brought sewing machines, supplies and fabric for the Handmade on Roatan Project.

The project started in the Brass Hill section of Coxen Hole. The ladies who participated have been able to make a living off of the clothes that they make. One of the ladies said she was “so blessed to have an opportunity to earn income while still being able to manage her household.”

This same blessing made its way to our beautiful community of Punta Gorda two weeks ago. Theresa Renee Arriaga of the Mentz Foundation and volunteers arrived with sewing machines, fabric and tools to give us a huge head start on the Handmade On Roatan Project – Punta Gorda.

Do you see what happens when God has his hands on your plans? Miracles, coincidences and “perfect timing” situations.

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